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Hi There!!

Oh what a Wonderful Day!!
Peanut's Bear family just keep growing and growing. :o)
Woo Hooo Page 2 of my Made by Mary collection.

Nina's Concerto Bear (Mar 02) was picked because we all need to keep a song in our hearts.
Tracy's Twin Bears
(Mar 02) Matthew and Nicolas live in my real life home town. And they said The Internet was big. Who woulda thought I would find someone from my town through Mary's delightful creations. :o)

Jana's Freedom Bear (Mar 02) is a reminder of my Dad. He too was a fire  fighter.   .
Peanut's Carnival Bear
(Apr 02) Got a new puppy and needed a new pal. Peanut and her carnival bear bring back memories of Ferris wheels, sno-cones, clowns and all the fun we had at our county fairs. 

Amanda Alyssa

Amanda n' Alyssa Bears (May 02) danced their way all the from Anna's Family Spot to remind us that girls just wanna have fun and we can be pretty, smart and talented too.  

Pamela Joy's Pilot Bear (May 02) flew down all the way from Alaska to join us. Wasn't that nice of him? How'd he know Alaska is my all time favoritest state in the US? What I wouldn't give to come for a visit!!
Mary's Mother's Day Bear
(May 02) Wasn't that nice of Mary to present her members with a special treat for Mother's Day? Thank you Mary!!

Susan's Dorothy Bear Kay's Daisy Bear

Susan's Dorothy Bear (June 02) reminds me of when my Mother bought my daughter her first pair of red patent leather shoes. Nikki was only 2 and loved those shoes so much she slept in them!! *g* We had just moved in with her and my Dad after an awful marriage so there really was "No place like home!!" :o)   
Kay's Daisy Bear
(June 02) was adopted because daisies are my favorite flowers. Isn't she just the cutest?

Gaby's Susi Bear (July 02) this lil cutie comes all the way from Germany to share our home. She got her rosy cheeks from being out in the sun picking flowers all day.    
(Jan 03) Move over Tiger Woods... We got Sarge here to give ya a run for your money!! 

My Bear Family has grown.. Be sure to click next.

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