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WELCOME Hi There!! This is my extraordinary Made by Mary collection. Every time I add a new bear to my collection it just makes my day. I don't know if our dear friend Mary realizes this but she is actually spreading smiles all across the globe. Do you know how incredible that is? It just amazes me how one person can bring so much joy to so many. Thank you Mary!!

Each of my Mary bears holds a special place in my heart and are a reminder of different times in my life. Most were fun but some were difficult but meaningful. 

My new friends just arrived and love living here. Aren't they cute? Please do not take my friends because I'd be lost without them. Instead click on the specially designed birth certificate to be magically transported to their birth home then you too can have these special Lil cuties for your page. Thank you!! :o) Enjoy my collection.

Oh what a Wonderful Day!! Speedy
Speedy Bears family just keep growing and growing. :o)

Wanda Lucia's Magical Rosa Bear Wanda Lucia's Magical Rosa Bear Holiday Speedy Bear Speedy's Holiday Bear

Wanda Lucia's Magical Rosa Bear is actually the keeper of ALL my made by Mary Bears. Her magical light keeps us, guides us and shows us the way.
Speedy's Holiday Bear is our protector of all Holiday Celebrations and the real Speedy was my  true and loyal companion. Words alone can not describe the feelings I had for this animal. 

 Lil Bryan Bear Lil' Bryan Bear Ann-Lis' Flower Girls Ann-Lis' Flower Girls

Lil Bryan Bear because he is a blessing from God, reminds us that you can find Our Lord even in our tiny corner of the web to bless and keep us today and everyday. 
Ann-Lis' Flower Girls were picked to be in charge of Mother Earth and all things pretty.

Jonny Boy Bear Speedy Honey Lane Honey Boy Bears David Bear

Jonny Boy Bear and David Bear were picked because we live in the actual town of  HoneyBrook. Gotta have Honey Bears if ya live in HoneyBrook. *g* Jonny spilled a bit of honey on his journey over here but that's ok Lil Speedy was right there to catch the drips.

Speedy  Honey Lane Honey Boy Bears 

Honey Lane Girls Can't have the Honey Lane boys without the Honey Lane girls now can we?

Honey Lane Friendship Bears ~ Visit my friend Heather Honey Lane Friendship Bears Ingrid's Pelargonium Girl Cornelia Bear Ingrid's Pelargonium Girl Cornelia Bear

Honey Lane Friendship Bears a present from my friend Heather, spread their magic all across the globe bringing folks closer by sharing the gift of Friendship.
Ingrid's Pelargonium Girl Cornelia Bear she's in charge of all those pretty geraniums that grow all over the world.

Bless Moo's Lil Dairy Bear Bless Moo's Lil Dairy Bear  Betsy & Moo Betsy & Moo

Got Milk?? We sure do and plenty of it!! Thanks to Bless Moo's Lil Dairy Bear and Betsy & Moo. These bears are *very* important to my family!!  Almost 6 gallons a week gets consumed in our household. High cholesterol? I'm sure my dh (with his 34 oz mugs) will be finding out soon. He's still a youngster yet. *wink*

Diane's SAHM Bear Diane's SAHM Bear   Robyn's Mary Bear Robyn's Mary Bear

Diane's SAHM Bear is the keeper of my sanity. Having once been a working Mother it takes way more guts and grit to do it yourself.
Robyn's Mary Bear *sigh* is a reminder of the girl I used to be. There was no greater thrill than finishing a counted cross stitch design but these old fingers and eyes just can't do the work anymore. :o(

Therese' Kitty Bear  Therese' Kitty Bear  Shelly's Biker Bear Shelly's Biker Bear

Therese' Kitty Bear is keeper of the cats. When I moved out on my own my very first pet was a kitty. Having grown up in a large household Tigger was not only a joy but a comfort on them quiet evenings spent alone.
Shelly's Biker Bear (Aug. 01) was adopted as a reminder of my wild and crazy days riding on the back of my friends Harley on those hot summer nights when all that mattered was the wind in my hair and the smell of honeysuckle on the vine.

Gaby's Beatrice Bear   Nikki Bear

Gaby's Beatrice Bear  Speedy     Kris' Country Nikki Bear

Gaby's Beatrice Bear (Aug 01) Ohhhhh Speedy now has some company. She just loves playing with other puppy dogs. :o) 
Kris' Country World Nikki Bear (Sept 01) Nikki Bear has arrived just in time to celebrate our Nikki's 15th Birthday!! Ohhhhhh Happy Day!!

Jennifer Princess & Beardie Bo Jennifer & Beardie Bo

Jennifer Princess Bear & Strawberry Beardie Bo (Sept 01) For the princess in all of us, 'specially those of us who love strawberries!! :o) 
Moo Moo's Baby Bear  arrived March 02 to remind us good things come in small packages. 

My Bear Family has grown.. Be sure to click next.

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