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Hi There!!

YAY!! More bears!
Peanut's Bear family is growing again! :o)
Page 3 of my Made by Mary collection.

Dawn's PEDS Bear (Jun 03) moved right on in to take care of all my made by Mary bears and to watch over me to make sure I keep my sugars in check.
Jude's Myfanwy Bear (Jun 03) was adopted to celebrate St. David's Day on March 1st. I know we're a bit late but being as I was so sick in March we're gonna celebrate now. ;)

Tania's Kelcie Nicole (Jul 03) arrived as a reminder of the precious November baby that could have changed the course of my whole life.
Chansmom's Teacher Bear (Sept 03) arrived just in time for school to start. Woo Hoo... Back to School... The most wonderful time of our lives. ;)


Hope Bear (Sept 03)

Well there you have it. My special collection. These bears just make
my day!! Mary, here's a great big (((HUG))) for being so special!!


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